Understanding Menopause: Support and Services at Our Limerick Clinic

Menopause is a natural stage of life for women, typically occurring between the ages of 45 and 55. It marks the end of menstrual cycles and reproductive years, brought on by a decline in the production of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Understanding and managing the symptoms of menopause can significantly enhance your quality of life during this transition. At our family planning clinic in Limerick, we are dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive menopause services.

What is Menopause?

Menopause is diagnosed after you’ve gone 12 months without a menstrual period. This transition isn’t the same for everyone; it can start with the perimenopause phase, where hormonal fluctuations lead to symptoms like irregular periods, hot flushes, night sweats, and mood changes. The intensity and duration of these symptoms vary. Some women experience them for a few months, while others may feel the effects for several years.

Symptoms of Menopause

The most common symptoms associated with menopause include:

  • Hot flushes and night sweats: Sudden feelings of warmth that can spread throughout the body and cause sweating.
  • Mood swings and irritability: Emotional changes are often precipitated by hormonal adjustments.
  • Sleep disturbances: Difficulty sleeping or staying asleep, often exacerbated by night sweats.
  • Vaginal dryness and discomfort during intercourse: Decreased estrogen levels can lead to changes in vaginal health.
  • Decreased bone density: Lower estrogen levels can affect bone strength, increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

Understanding these symptoms is the first step in managing them effectively.

Our Menopause Services

At our clinic, we offer personalised menopause management plans tailored to each woman’s specific needs. Our services include:

  • Consultation and Assessment: An initial consultation to discuss symptoms, medical history, and possible treatment options. This is a comprehensive evaluation to create a personalised care plan.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): We provide expert guidance on HRT, which can alleviate many menopausal symptoms by replacing diminished hormones.
  • Lifestyle advice: Guidance on diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes that can help manage symptoms.
  • Support and counselling: Emotional support through counselling to help cope with the changes and challenges associated with menopause.

Costs and Coverage

The cost for our menopause services is €120. However, we believe in making health care accessible to everyone. For holders of a Medical Card, our services are available free of charge. We encourage you to consult with our staff about your eligibility for coverage and any other financial assistance options that may be available to you.

Why Choose Us?

Our clinic in Limerick is staffed by experienced professionals who understand the complexities of women’s health. We are committed to providing a supportive and confidential environment where you can openly discuss your health concerns. With the latest in medical advancements and a compassionate approach, we ensure that every woman receives the personalised care and respect she deserves during her menopause transition.

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